FLASHBACK: To Boldly Flee (2012)

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The big final of the trilogy from that Guy with the Glasses. The final adventure of the combined critic Forces. Afterwards some went their separate ways. And this is the last flashback. Time to get back into the present…



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Then there was this. It was quite some time ago. There was this Guy with the Glasses. He went out to do great things. Or at least he did what he belived was great. Once he brought a bunch of critics together. Among them were critics from Europe, too. Then they tried to invade a micronation called “Molossia” in 2010. Yes, for real. And that is now some eight years ago…


ASTROCOHORS.com 03: Starting the European Chapter

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Jarmo Dorak is still in the stream he entered quite some time ago. But again something from his past is manifesting: ASTROCOHORS opens a new chapter – ASTROCOHORS Europe!

And so it begins. But again there were these voices. They were asking questions…

WHO are you?

WHAT do you want?

WHERE are you going?

WHO do you serve, and WHO do you trust?

In the outside world things were going their ways…