La science dans… Ghost in the shell [#41]

“Whaa ! Une tête dans un bocal ! Comme c’est kitsch !”
-Gunnm- Yukito Kishiro

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Earth from Space: Mount Mayon

Explore the Philippines’ Mount Mayon, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, in this episode of Earth from Space, presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web TV virtual studios.

See also to download the image taken by the Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite.

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ESA reentry expertise

Every week, on average, a substantial, inert satellite drops into our atmosphere and burns up. Monitoring these reentries and warning European civil authorities has become routine work for ESA’s space debris experts.

Each year, about 100 tonnes of defunct satellites, uncontrolled spacecraft, spent upper stages and discarded items like instrument covers are dragged down by Earth’s upper atmosphere, ending their lives in flaming arcs across the sky.

Some of these objects are big and chunky, and pieces of them survive the fiery reentry to reach the surface. Our planet, however, is a big place, mostly covered by water, and much of what falls down is never seen by anyone, sinking to the bottom of some ocean, or landing far from human habitation.

While still in orbit, these and many other objects are tracked by a US military radar network, which shares the data with ESA, since Europe has no such capability of its own.It’s the task of ESA’s Space Debris team to look at these data and issue updates to ESA Member States and partner civil authorities around the globe.

Le LIDAR : d’APOLLO 15 à la voiture autonome – Spatialiste #22- String Theory

Après le RADAR et le SONAR, découvrez le LIDAR, une technologie mise en place pour la mission APOLLO 15
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String Theory c’est le rendez-vous hebdo de la science pop !
Tous les jeudis à 18h , retrouvez une vidéo inédite de vos Youtubeurs science préférés sur String Theory !