ESA Euronews: Looking for life on Mars with ExoMars

ExoMars is the first mission to head to the Red Planet to seek signs of life, now or in the past. It’s a massive scientific and technical challenge, and Euronews meets some of the team involved in this joint ESA-Roscosmos project in this month’s edition of Space.

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Asking the big questions: What is space weather?

On the sidelines at European Space Weather Week 2018, in Leuven, Belgium, ESA Web TV caught up with two experts working on the fascinating science of how our Sun’s raging activity affects Earth and, ultimately, the infrastructure, networks and satellites on which we rely for daily economic activity.

We spoke with Dr Manuela Temmer, a heliophysicist working at the Institute of Physics, University of Graz, Austria, and Dr Richard Horne, a senior scientist at the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK.

Manuela studies solar and heliospheric physics focusing on flares, coronal mass ejections and their space weather impact, while Richard is working on ways to help protect satellites from space weather.

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