NARCISSE LALANNE mouche les Miss du Fort !

FORT BOYARD 04/08/2018

“Malmener des Miss ? Aaaah je reconnais bien là mon Narcisse Lalanne !

Tous en cœur ça va faire mouche, c’est certain !…. Hehehe

À bientôt,
Père Fouras “

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Good evening, Kraftwerk / Guten Abend Kraftwerk, guten Abend Stuttgart!

On 20 July 2018 around 21:50 local time, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst welcomed the legendary electronic band Kraftwerk and 7500 visitors to the Jazz Open Festival on Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz – live from the International Space Station, where he will live and work until mid-December 2018. During the call with space, Kraftwerk founding member Ralf Hütter and Alexander played a special duet version of the track Spacelab, for which Alexander had a tablet computer configured with virtual synthesizers on board. With thanks to Kraftwerk for sharing this video footage.

Copyright: Kraftwerk/ESA/JazzOpen – Sitara Schmitz

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So begrüßte ESA-Astronaut Alexander Gerst am 20. Juli 2018 um 21:50 Uhr Ortszeit die legendären Elektro-Pioniere Kraftwerk sowie 7500 Besucherinnen und Besucher des Jazz Open-Festivals auf dem Stuttgarter Schlossplatz – und zwar live von der Internationalen Raumstation ISS, auf der er noch bis Mitte Dezember 2018 lebt und arbeitet.

Kraftwerk-Gründungsmitglied Ralf Hütter und Alexander Gerst spielten eine spezielle Version des Tracks Spacelab im Duett an, für das Gerst eigens einen mit virtuellen Synthesizern konfigurierten Tablet-Computer an Bord hatte.

Celebrating Europe’s cultural heritage

To celebrate the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the European Parliament hosted a conference gathering political leaders, policy makers and artists. They discussed how to preserve and promote cultural heritage and the economic potential it has.


This is my video of the hidden tropical paradise of Koh Kradan!
Koh Kradan is really a remote island. But it only makes the whole experience of being here so much more authentic.
It’s the first time i am here, but i will definitely come back to this paradise soon.
As amazing as it is in sunshine, as much do you feel that you waste your time when it rains …
We are pretty soon off to the Philippines, buuuut first we will have to finish the Thailand series with a few more videos. They are going to be amazing!


Daniel Gunnarson – Finally Here
Sense – Ridge
Sense – Last Cigarette




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Between Music is an artist group from Denmark run by Laila Skovmand and Robert Karlsson. The main project is AquaSonic. An underwater concert that takes the audience on a unique and fascinating voyage into uncharted territory. Equipped with custom-made underwater instruments four musicians and singers submerge themselves completely in water in each their man-sized water tank. From the watery depths Comes a new Kind of Music. Experience it here.

From work-in-progress lab June 2014 – and
AquaSonic is a Between Music production: Laila Skovmand – Artistic Director, Composer and performer – Robert Karlsson – General Manager, performer – International producer and representation: FuturePerfect Production,

Thomas Eiler – Performer
Nanna Bech – Performer

Music: Laila Skovmand
Video: DukeDenver
Sound: Morten Laursen
Light: Søren Faurholt