Earth from space: special edition

Discover more about our planet with the Earth from Space video programme. In this special edition, ESA’s Aeolus Project Manager, Anders Elfving, joins us in the cleanroom at Airbus Defence and Space in Toulouse, France, to talk about the challenges in developing the mission’s pioneering laser technology.

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Horizons mission – First call from space

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst spoke to European media from the International Space Station on 12 June 2018, just three days after docking with the orbiting outpost.

The press conference was held at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany, and was mainly in German.

Alexander answered questions on climate, how it feel to be in space a second time, and the football World Cup.

This is Alexander’s second six-month stay on the International Space Station. The mission is called Horizons as a symbol for the unknown and what lies beyond. The mission further cements ESA’s know-how for living and working off-planet. Alexander will be testing ways of operating and working with robots to develop techniques required for further human and robotic exploration of our Solar System such as commanding rovers while orbiting another planet.

The Horizons science programme is packed with European research: Alexander will take part in over 50 experiments to deliver benefits to people on Earth as well as prepare for future space exploration. Many of these experiments will take place in Europe’s Columbus laboratory that is celebrating its 10th anniversary in space this year.

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Horizons mission – crew is ready

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst talks from Baikonur Cosmodrome, just a couple of days before his second launch to the International Space Station for the Horizons mission.

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Rosetta science continues

The Rosetta mission completed operations in September 2016, but the science is still going strong. Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor gives a preview on the hottest science topics being discussed at the 49th Rosetta science workshop this week, and how the results will help guide future cometary exploration.

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Throwback Thursday: Back to the blue carpet of Eurovision 2018!

It’s Throwback Thursday, and today we will look back at the glitter and glamour on the blue carpet of the opening ceremony of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

All contestants dressed up to appear on the Blue Carpet in front of MAAT, Lisbon’s iconic museum by the riverside.

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ESA Euronews: Gaia’s revolution in astronomy

Astronomy is undergoing a revolution with the release of precision data on 1.7 billion stars in our galaxy from the Gaia space telescope. We head to the historic Observatory of Paris and ESA’s ESTEC base in the Netherlands to find out more.

It’s fair to say that science has been waiting for centuries, or even millennia for such a detailed survey of the Milky Way, and right now star-gazers are swamped with fresh, high-quality data that they can use to answer every question about the galaxy they ever wanted to ask.

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ESA Euronews: Gaia nous livre les secrets des étoiles

Dans cette édition de Space, nous partons dans les étoiles : les astronomes qui utilisent le télescope spatial européen Gaia ont élaboré un catalogue d’un milliard d’étoiles de la Voie lactée, ouvrant la voie à de nouvelles décennies de découvertes.

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ESA Euronews: Die Revolution von Gaia

Astronomen haben mit Daten vom Weltraumteleskop Gaia eine Himmelskarte mit mehr als einer Milliarde Sternen erstellt – mehr als genug Material für Jahrzehnte der Forschung.

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REACTION: Qualifiers get emotional after the first Semi-Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

Ten countries have qualified for the Grand Final, which takes places this Saturday, 12th of May. We caught up with the participants right after the show.

Austria: Nobody But You by Cesár Sampson
Estonia: La Forza by Elina Nechayeva
Cyprus: Fuego by Eleni Foureira
Lithuania: When We’re Old by Ieva Zasimauskaitė
Israel: TOY by Netta
Czech Republic: Lie To Me by Mikolas Josef
Bulgaria: Bones by EQUINOX
Albania: Mall by Eugent Bushpepa
Finland: Monsters by Saara Aalto
Ireland: Together by Ryan O’Shaughnessy

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