ESF+: Streamlining the European Social Fund

The EU has supported tens of thousands of projects across Europe through the European Social Fund. One such project is this socially responsible hotel in Poland, which gives underprivileged young people a helping hand into the world of work. Parliament wants to make sure the ESF continues to support such projects.

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An honest chat about mental health with Rowan Ellis

Share and stay safe this #WorldMentalHealthDay
TW: we talk about various mental health issues but also misdiagnosis and doctors who don’t listen.
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Horizons science – airway monitoring

In space, there is no such thing as waiting for the dust to settle. Rather than drifting to the ground, dust particles float about continuously and can irritate eyes and lungs.

By recording how much nitrogen oxide he exhales in space as part of the Airway Monitoring experiment, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is helping researchers understand how to monitor, diagnose and treat lung conditions like asthma here on Earth.

The findings of this monitoring will also be crucial to exploring the Moon and even Mars – where dust is considered even more toxic and must be carefully managed for astronauts’ health.

The Airways Monitoring experiment has been underway since 2015. Later in the Horizons mission Alexander will repeat the experiment in the reduced pressure of the airlock.

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3 worst brain fails that keep us stupid

Why we still believe in stupid ideas.

First video in English from (
credit monkey pic: Muhammad Mahdi Karim (original photograph), Papa Lima Whiskey (derivative edit);örperpflege#/media/File:Grooming_monkeys_PLW_edit.jpg

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Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition Campaign

The first ever Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition campaign took place in DLR’s Short Arm Human Centrifuge facility in Cologne. Three teams comprised of 16 students from seven different universities participated in this new ESA Education’s hands-on programme for graduate students.

The team from King’s College London in the UK called Spin Kings were interested in investigating intervertebral distances before, during and after exposure to artificial gravity in the centrifuge.
The Spin Drs team, a collaboration between University of Graz and Simon Fraser University in Canada, investigated the role of calf muscle activity in regulation of blood pressure and distribution and looked at how artificial gravity as provided by the centrifuge affects the vestibular system.
The Music For Space team from Hungarian and French universities used scientific methods to find the perfect tailored music for astronauts which should help psychophysiologically during long spaceflights, thus merging science and art to help reduce stress.

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Fighting drug-resistant infections

Antimicrobial resistance is a growing global issue that medical specialists fear will kill more people than cancer by 2050, which is why the Parliament is urging the Commission and member states to implement greater prevention measures.

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Coming up in Brussels: from 3D printing to drug resistant infections

3D printing, the resistance of infections to drugs and copyright for artists are on the agenda in Brussels this week.

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ESA Euronews: How astronaut health studies help us Earthlings

If you have a bad back, you have something in common with the average astronaut. We investigate medical research in space and what it means for us on the ground in this episode of Space.

Astronauts have an out of this world job. They see sunrise and sunset 16 times a day, and over the weeks and months in orbit their bodies change inside and out. They lose muscle mass and bone mass, and many aspects of their health are affected.

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Coming up: From vaccines to victims of terrorism and the gas market

Parliament considers reforms to the gas market and examines the rise of vaccine hesitancy in the EU. MEPs also look at protecting the rights of victims of terrorism.

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Post-Brexit plans to changing summertime: 5 numbers from Strasbourg

MEPs approved the shrinking of the House from 751 to 705 MEPs after Brexit, set a date for potential new members to join the EU, and voted on issues ranging from geo-blocking to female genital mutilation, to daylight savings time.

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