What is endometriosis and adenomyosis?

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Episode Title: What is endometriosis and adenomyosis?
Produced by: Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium
Description: This is a LIVE event about endometriosis and adenomyosis. I have both of these and many, many women out there do too.
We need to stop being silent and start speaking about female illness much more openly.

Thus, after much consideration, I have decided to do a LIVE Q&A event on Facebook and answer all of your questions – even the private ones related to sex and bowel.

If just one woman had opened up to me when I was younger, my life would have looked very different.

This is the recorded event.


I’d also like to mention the app PHENDO from the non-profit Citizen Endo. The app gathers data from thousands of women for ACADEMIC researchers at Columbia University.

The aim is so to get a better view of symptoms and other aspects of this common disease.

I do not get paid for this endorsement. Also, PHENDO isn’t a commercial product but a research tool.

You can write directly to citizen Endo through their Facebook page if you have any questions or send them an email. They are fast to reply and a wonderful research team.

Citizen Endo (@citizen_endo) | Twitter

Stay strong!

Click here to view video on YouTube.

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Weed – the miracle cure?

Weed – a miracle cure? – think again!

Weed has just become legalized in Canada, and that’s a great thing in my opinion. (you can read more about this in my article on the topic: )

There are, however, a few things that bother me about many of the pro-legalization campaigns. The main argument that makes me go through the roof is the medical miracle claims: “Weed, the miracle cure, curing anything from cancer to AIDS.” Seriously, guys!?
Why isn’t it enough to just say:
“I like getting stoned.”
Why is it necessary to make shit up? Can’t you just simply admit that you just like the feeling of getting high?
Ridiculous medical claims like these results in this issue not being taken seriously and may have the effect that research into real positive benefits of molecules like CBD may be delayed.

/Doctor Anna

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Doctor Anna has a rotten day and wants to share it with you. 😉
I have over the years learned to manage my condition (endometriosis) well. However, sometimes I feel like shit. This is a video of such a day as I didn’t want to only give you the glossy front.

I must remember that I have more medical privilege than most women in the world. Despite my pain, this is nothing in comparison to all those hundreds-of-thousands of women suffering in silence; undiagnosed and in pain. Even if they did get a diagnosis, they would have no access to medical care.

I must remember that before complaining too much.

Read more about endometriosis and adenomyosis here:

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How endometriosis and adenomyosis affect my life

Doctor Anna will carry out a hysterectomy due to her endometriosis and is both worried and relieved.

Endometriosis affects about 10 % of all women and is the second most common cause for infertility in European women. Endometriosis can hurt a lot.

Read more here: https://annazakrisson.com/signs-of-endometriosis-live/

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Do you have EXCRUCIATING period pains? It could be endometriosis.

I have endometriosis and adenomyosis. I have had several surgeries and hormone therapies. Now, I have reached a point where I will remove my uterus – a hysterectomy.
This is my journey.

Read more about endometriosis here:

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Doctor Anna trailer for A Man Hanged

“Doctor Anna cut” from the performance A Man Hanged.
With opera singer Joa Helgesson – Baritone
Fakir-team: Santa Sangre Body Rituals
Science: Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium
Dancer: Shannon Taylor
Orchestra: Gageego

Photography: Waterglobe Productions photography and film and Johan Stern.

More info: http://joahelgesson.net/main-pa…/eight-songs-for-a-mad-king/

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Which aphrodisiacs REALLY work?

Aphrodisiacs, kidneys, and lutes with the KidneyKutter…
We talk Men’s Health with urologist Prof. Daniel Shoskes, aka The KidneyKutter, who also is a fantastic lute player.
Joa and KidneyKutter attempt some Baroque music over Skype.
Sci Hard!
– Doctor Anna & Joa
www. joahelgesson.net

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Tenpenny and the quackery industry

The natural health industry and the antivaxxine sites are often full of hatred and brilliant marketing tricks. They make sure that you feel like a part of the grup, define a common enemy and create problems you don’t have, on order to sell you solutions to the problems you didn’t have.

It’s highly unethical and immoral, in my opinion.

Today, I found Dr. Sheri Tenpenny. I was not impressed.

Sci Hard!
– Doctor Anna

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