Fort Boyard ! Benzaie x Joueur Du Grenier – Le Jeu Officiel(ment nul)

Les T-shirts, Hoodies & Mugs BENZAIE VS BOB LENNON sont ICI:
Dessiné par Nicolas Keramidas ! JOYEUX NOEL !
PS: Bob étant malade nous n’avons pas pu vous ramener les STARBARBARES pour Noel, nous sommes tout autant navrés que vous.

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Realising We’re Gay // Pride Rewind Tag

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Pride Rewind Tag Questions
1. How do you identify?
2. Share a story of you doing something that probably hinted to everyone around you that you were queer/trans/etc.
3. When was the first time you had an inkling you were different?
4. When did you first learn about being gay/queer/etc.?
5. Who was your first queer celebrity crush?
6. Tag four people to do the tag too!

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Bad Movie Beatdown: Best and Worst of 2017

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Film Brain finally reveals his year-end list of his favourite and least favourite films of 2017 – and its only a little late…

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