Lost & Delirious! // Claudica’s Pride 2018

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Slo-Mo Underwater Swimming, Testing the GoPro 6! | Stella the Siren

Just a video of me swimming around (new bikini though). We just got a GoPro 6 and decided to test out the slow-motion capabilities. I’m so impressed by this little thing – this was all filmed in 2.7k at 120fps.

I’m thinking of doing something for Earth Day, maybe a giveaway where you can win a tail when you cook a vegetarian meal. What do you guys think?

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Music is “Nocturnal Waltz” by Johannes Bornlöf. It has a restlessness that I feel somehow resounds in me. Do you guys experience the same thing?

This was filmed at the Aqua Mundo pool in Zandvoort, the Netherlands. Thank you for reading the description 🙂