What is endometriosis and adenomyosis?

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Episode Title: What is endometriosis and adenomyosis?
Produced by: Doctor Anna’s Imaginarium
Description: This is a LIVE event about endometriosis and adenomyosis. I have both of these and many, many women out there do too.
We need to stop being silent and start speaking about female illness much more openly.

Thus, after much consideration, I have decided to do a LIVE Q&A event on Facebook and answer all of your questions – even the private ones related to sex and bowel.

If just one woman had opened up to me when I was younger, my life would have looked very different.

This is the recorded event.


I’d also like to mention the app PHENDO from the non-profit Citizen Endo. The app gathers data from thousands of women for ACADEMIC researchers at Columbia University.

The aim is so to get a better view of symptoms and other aspects of this common disease.

I do not get paid for this endorsement. Also, PHENDO isn’t a commercial product but a research tool.

You can write directly to citizen Endo through their Facebook page if you have any questions or send them an email. They are fast to reply and a wonderful research team.

Citizen Endo (@citizen_endo) | Twitter

Stay strong!

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