Chingiz 🇦🇿 and Mahmood 🇮🇹 meet up during Tel Aviv postcard shoot – Eurovision 2019

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Azerbaijani singer Chingiz joined Italian performer Mahmood in Tel Aviv for some pre-Eurovision sightseeing. Both artists arrived in Israel to film their Eurovision 2019 postcards on the same dates and decided to break away from their busy schedules to explore a little bit of the sunny Israeli city, as well as nearby Ramat Gan.

The excitement came when Chingiz and Mahmood began discussing other Eurovision 2019 contestants. Within minutes, the two were covering each other’s entry songs— Mahmood sang a little bit of “Truth”, the song that Chingiz will perform in next month’s contest. Not to be outdone, Chingiz offered his rendition of Mahmood’s song, “Soldi”, relying on his smartphone to help with the Italian lyrics.

Before getting back to their intense schedules, Chingiz and Mahmood agreed to meet again in May between official rehearsals.

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