Does IKEA make $44.6 Billion a year selling ART??

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IKEA is, quite literally, a household name, pretty much everywhere across the world. However, most people probably wouldn’t rate IKEA’s furniture as museum-worthy. They just sell furniture, not art. But is that fair?

Welcome to Is This Art? Where we take a closer look at pop culture and try to answer the age-old question: Is this art?

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Concept by Maak Amsterdam
This episode of ‘Is This Art?’ gives a scientific treatise about products or subjects in society and daily life, compared with traditional pieces of art and is created for informational and educational purposes.

We aim to share our knowledge about art and make art available and accessible to a large audience, whereby we intend to have our audience reflect on the question if and whether products or subjects can be qualified as art.

With respect to our right to quote, we want to give credit anywhere and any time where credit is due. Therefore, we have collected the names of creative parties and sources of the works or materials used in this video (seen or heard) and listed them below:

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Rijksmuseum collection
Objects by Gerrit Rietveld: from the collection of the Rijksmuseum – on loan from the heirs of Gerrit Rietveld/Pictoright

If you notice that we used works or materials which are not credited in the list above, please contact us via:

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