Building a product page | Webflow Ecommerce series – Episode 2

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Next up in my Webflow Ecommerce series I’m building a product page that displays all the information about my prints for sale.
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Webflow now has Ecommerce! That means you can build online stores just as easily as you can any other website or landing page by coding it visually. In this series I’m taking you through the whole process of building out my own online store as part of my personal website.

In this episode I’m building the product page and you’ll see how I connect to the CMS to fetch product images, use a dynamic background color and create some fun interactions!

Episode one: Store setup
Episode two: Product page (this video!)
Episode three: Category page & storefront – coming Feb 14th
Episode four: Shopping cart – coming Feb 15th
Episode five: Checkout & order confirmation – coming Feb 16th
Episode six: Emails & ads – coming Feb 17th

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