Dreitausend | Three Thousand | τρεις χιλιάδες | Trois Mille | Tremila | Três Mil | Tres Mil | 3000

The times were rough. And they will be even more from now on. That was clear. Clear like dumpling soup, as the Germans used to say. Or maybe they still say, who knows. Old proverbs often come back in fashion. But proverbs weren’t Malin Lundberg’s problem. The situation itself was the problem. And people. People always were the problem. But nevertheless, the new department of ASTROCOHORS was working better than most of the others. 3,000 missions had been accomplished since the start.


What a number! That gave her hope. They could only sit and watch and wait about what’ll happen from now on. But they were prepared. Prepared to fight back against dumb politicians and their minions.

Malin clenched her fists. And one thought went through her mind…


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