A fresh start // Christmastide 12 [CC]

Christmastide videos:
Day 1 – The REAL story about Christmas past… – https://youtu.be/IW_oGONZMEM
Day 2 – What IS Boxing Day?! – https://youtu.be/PYIgS6wTmy4
Day 3 – Weird British Christmas Traditions – https://youtu.be/_4WIDRMYoNA
Day 4 – Bad Baking – https://youtu.be/BrnkL54C2ZY
Day 5 – Queer Friendly Christmas Films – https://youtu.be/CheGALDh8aI
Day 6 – P.O. Box Opening – https://youtu.be/8HpW5Zc9-go
Day 7 – Tips for Helping Disabled Friends – https://youtu.be/mztOIQ0MweY
Day 8 – Lesbian Couple Assumptions Tag – https://youtu.be/V7d2gkt74Wo
Day 9 – The things we do for tradition… – https://youtu.be/Lpim28mrt0U
Day 10 – Top 10 Christmas Traditions – https://youtu.be/3cRnjnb-lvo
Day 11 – I Filmed My Chronic Migraine – https://youtu.be/gUTeH7G8JAw
Day 12 – A fresh start – https://youtu.be/aN-MvUJJBrs

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