A Call to Arms

Close. Too close!” Marzena Rhadaman stood close to the well in the garden of the headquarter. “I think I mentioned it before!”, added she, looking in the waters of the well. It was dark, there was a gas torch lightning nearby and some lights in the well. The picture looked a bit strange. It seemed almost to peaceful.

Fleetcaptain Malin Lundberg tried to stay calm. “Yes”, she replied, “I remember that you mentioned it. And now this has happened. We can’t change anything.”

The departments of ASTROCOHORS had been attacked by some force of the “High Hand”. In one thing Marzena was right: It was too close. The forces of the enemy were defeated in merely the last moment. And there was a big damage. Some of ASTROCOHORS’ buildings were even destroyed.

“It was a warning to us”, Lundberg said.

“It should be more”, Marzena nodded. “We should be more careful now! The UNION OF THE PLANETS is in a fragile state.”

“I know”, Malin explained. “I will take care of our Projec Earth myself from now on. And we will be vigilant.”

“It was not just a warning”, Marzena said. “It was a call to arms!”

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