Weed – the miracle cure?

Weed – a miracle cure? – think again!

Weed has just become legalized in Canada, and that’s a great thing in my opinion. (you can read more about this in my article on the topic: )

There are, however, a few things that bother me about many of the pro-legalization campaigns. The main argument that makes me go through the roof is the medical miracle claims: “Weed, the miracle cure, curing anything from cancer to AIDS.” Seriously, guys!?
Why isn’t it enough to just say:
“I like getting stoned.”
Why is it necessary to make shit up? Can’t you just simply admit that you just like the feeling of getting high?
Ridiculous medical claims like these results in this issue not being taken seriously and may have the effect that research into real positive benefits of molecules like CBD may be delayed.

/Doctor Anna

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