Real-Life Mermaid Swimming In The Ocean

A silver-tailed mermaid swimming through the blue depths of the Mediterranean Sea! What a sight!

Would you like a cool mermaid sweater? With a text like ‘Save mermaids, refuse single use plastics’ or something like that? I’m thinking of having a few made. Let me know what you think, I’m interested to hear!

The belt was made from shells that I cut open with the help of a friend (thanks, R) and filled up with lead. I then sealed the shells with resin and attached them to my mermaid belt. It’s heavy but it helps a LOT, even if it’s only about 1 kg of lead.

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What kind of mermaid video would you like to see next? 🙂

Camera: Erik & Minki
Makeup: Minki
Tail and mermaid weight belt: Stella
Music: ‘Trollmor’ and ‘Trollmor 2’ by Epidemic Sound.

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