Fire Beneath the Waves | Arabian Underwater Dance

Bathed in vast aquamarine, wrapped in fiery shrouds… A dance between two elements.

I want to talk to you about something. Today is Earth Overshoot Day – from this day until the end of the year, we’re draining the Earth more than it can take. Sitting around and feeling depressed all day isn’t fun for anyone, though. So what can we do today to make a small difference? 😊 Let’s see.

1. Going grocery shopping? When you’re almost finished, take out two items that are wrapped in plastic and choose an alternative that’s not plastic wrapped.
2. Set a timer and shower in under 3 minutes. You can do it!
3. Try looking online for a lovely vegetarian or vegan meal to cook tonight. Incidentally, I had noodles in peanutbutter and soy sauce with roasted broccoli yesterday and it was delicious. Boyfriend asked me what he should call this dish, since he wants me to cook it again. (DM me for the recipe). Need inspiration? My friend @veganfreek had some seriously yummy recipes.
4. Get a second trash can for plastic and put it next to the normal one. Make it easy for yourself to do the right thing.
5. Take some time to go through your closet. Pick an item of clothing you haven’t worn in at least a year. Then build a stylish outfit around it. Find joy in something you have, instead of something you must purchase first! 🙂
6. Put a reusable cup in your bag.
7. Don’t switch on the heat or the air conditioning. Look outside, dress for the weather and bring a plan B (since there’s no planet B).
5. Reward yourself for doing the right thing. Have an extra piece of chocolate tonight. You’re doing great!

Now about this video. Shot in Greece by Erik and Minki. The outfit, I must admit with some hesitation, was inspired by the red outfit Jasmine wears in Aladdin.

Music: ‘Hija’ by Andreas Ericson (Epidemic Sound).
Camera: Erik and Minki (thanks guys!).
Video-editing, makeup and costume: Stella.

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