Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition Campaign

The first ever Spin Your Thesis! Human Edition campaign took place in DLR’s Short Arm Human Centrifuge facility in Cologne. Three teams comprised of 16 students from seven different universities participated in this new ESA Education’s hands-on programme for graduate students.

The team from King’s College London in the UK called Spin Kings were interested in investigating intervertebral distances before, during and after exposure to artificial gravity in the centrifuge.
The Spin Drs team, a collaboration between University of Graz and Simon Fraser University in Canada, investigated the role of calf muscle activity in regulation of blood pressure and distribution and looked at how artificial gravity as provided by the centrifuge affects the vestibular system.
The Music For Space team from Hungarian and French universities used scientific methods to find the perfect tailored music for astronauts which should help psychophysiologically during long spaceflights, thus merging science and art to help reduce stress.

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