Film Star For A Week!? | September Man Vlog

My biggest adventure! I went to Bulgaria to shoot a short film in Europe’s biggest underwater set. Watch September Man here:
Take a look at Mike’s problem… and the cost of the solution.

Please let me know what you guys think, it’s been a huge adventure and it was the most glamorous experience ever. Not because of the makeup and the lights and people offering to carry my things (that’s just because they can’t trust you to do it yourself, I’ve learned). But because it was so inspiring to be a part of something so complicated.

The story was written by Karl Derrick.
Mike played by Jonathan Harden.
Andy Horner was the DoP.
Filmed at the Nu Boyana Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.
I made the dress for the underwater stuff.
For full credits, refer to the September Man PoC! 🙂

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