European AstroPi Challenge 2017-18: Mission Space Lab winner’s webinar

The prize for this year’s European AstroPi Challenge: Mission Space Lab was an exclusive webinar with ESA astronaut Tim Peake!

10 student teams from all over Europe were able to ask Tim their own questions and hear his answer.

The winning teams were:

– Team Aurora from Hyvinkään yhteiskoulun lukio, Finland
– The Earth Watchers from S.T.E.M Robotics Academy, Greece
– Spaceballs from Attert Lycée Redange, Luxembourg
– Ursa Major from a CoderDojo, Belgium
– @stroMega from Institut de Genech, France
– Trentini DOP from CoderDojo Trento, Italy
– Team Lampone from CoderDojo Trento, Italy
– Enrico Fermi from Liceo XXV Aprile, Italy
– Canarias 1 from IES El Calero, Spain
– The Dark Side of Light from Branksome Hall, Canada

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