How DANGEROUS is the antivaccine movement?

Doctor Anna speaks of the ANTIVACCINE MOVEMENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA at SkepKon 2018. Film material: Andi Weimann. Material owned by GWUP.

“Don’t worry about those nutcases”, a doctor friend of mine told me. “These are just some idiot hippies that like alternative medicine and meditation. There are enough sensible people out there who vaccinate for this not to become dangerous to the general public”.

This is just one of many conversations I have had with medics, scientists, or public health workers who have dismissed the antivaccine communities as radicalized fringe groups with no real impact, or as “stupid and dumb”. What always struck me though, was that these same people were rarely active on social media and frankly had no idea what they were talking about. They were just as locked into their science fringe groups as the antivaccine movement they criticized.

To be honest, the anti-science groups are no longer fringe groups and these people are not stupid. These are normal people like you and me who have gotten their information flow warped and twisted inside echo chambers. Welcome to social media.

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