Simon’s Cat 10 Years Party – YouTube Space London

A HUGE thank you to the fans and fellow YouTubers that celebrated 10 Meowvellous years of Simon’s Cat at YouTube Space, London. Feat. stunning cakes from Cupcake Jemma (00:08) and birthday messages from Let Me Explain Studios (01:49), TheOdd1sOut (02:17), Anna Akana (02:48) this video shows what we got up to on the night! #SimonsCat10Years

Watch Cupcake Jemma’s making of video here ▶

Birthday messages from:
Let Me Explain Studios ▶
TheOdd1sOut ▶
Anna Akana ▶
Yves the Cat ▶
Cole and Marmalade ▶
Living with Nala ▶
Smoothie the Cat ▶
Nala Cat ▶
Hosico ▶
Miu and Mao ▶
Izzy and the Fluff ▶
Marmalade and Barnaby ▶
Xafia and Auri ▶
Stella the Tiny Cat ▶
Zelda the Ragdoll ▶

Featured Guests:
Emzotic ▶
Daxon ▶
Adara Todd ▶

Film Credits:
Filming & Editing: The Film Farmers –
Motion Graphics: Minesh Chandarana
Production Coordinator: Cathryn Gamble
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Producer: Emma Burch

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