Disabled Youtubers I Love! // #DisabilitiesOnYT

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Annie’s video: https://youtu.be/Co-BPUte6QE

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Annie Elainey – https://goo.gl/rC8SXe
Nikki Lilly – https://goo.gl/KvXx7U
Hannah Hodgson – https://goo.gl/YtckhC
Annika Victoria – https://goo.gl/Z9ZVGB
Oliver Lam-Watson – https://goo.gl/hCgT6f
Krystal-Bella Shaw – https://goo.gl/Tikf7k
Molly Burke – https://goo.gl/k6LDZr
Gem, Wheelsnoheels – https://goo.gl/Q9eTBm
Katz Claws – https://goo.gl/kdUAa2
Megan, WhatWeganDidNext – https://goo.gl/fiHeFC

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