Between Music is an artist group from Denmark run by Laila Skovmand and Robert Karlsson. The main project is AquaSonic. An underwater concert that takes the audience on a unique and fascinating voyage into uncharted territory. Equipped with custom-made underwater instruments four musicians and singers submerge themselves completely in water in each their man-sized water tank. From the watery depths Comes a new Kind of Music. Experience it here.

From work-in-progress lab June 2014 – and
AquaSonic is a Between Music production: Laila Skovmand – Artistic Director, Composer and performer – Robert Karlsson – General Manager, performer – International producer and representation: FuturePerfect Production,

Thomas Eiler – Performer
Nanna Bech – Performer

Music: Laila Skovmand
Video: DukeDenver
Sound: Morten Laursen
Light: Søren Faurholt

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