An Unearthly Child

This title grafic includes a graphic by tomasss81 / 123RF Stock Foto
This title grafic includes a graphic by tomasss81 / 123RF Stock Foto

The stream… he was still in it. He didn’t know how much time was gone since he entered it. Who are you? What do you want? Like arrows these questions kept racing through him. But what was the answer? Was there an answer? All that knowledge went through him. He learned in ten minutes far more than all books would’ve taught him in seventy years…

On Earth it was winter… okay, that sentence sounds wrong. Planet Earth didn’t have a common season. It was called “winter” somehow, but from a northern hemisphere persepective. It was the colder time of the year there, while in the south it was hot. So let’s get over all this and beyond.

The ATLANTIS, the central space center of ASTROCOHORS on Earth, was prepared. On this day there was the launch of the new program: Helping Earth becoming a part of the interstellar alliances that were positioned around it. Unfortunately Earth has been declared a no-go zone due to certain events that took place and were scary. Stupidness spread like a wildfire. ASTROROCHORS and the UNION OF THE PLANETS were eager to work against it.

They planned even a little ceremony for the introduction of Project Earth. Lieutenant Commander Marzena Rhadaman was chosen to be the officer responsible for the new European Section. She was waiting outside the big ceremonial room when she was joined by Captain Malin Lundberg. Both of them were once selected by the Special Program to become officers of ASTROCOHORS. The program was also nicknamed “Unearthly Child Program”.

“You’re ready for the big moment?”, Lundberg asked.

“I think so”, Marzena replied. “I’m sorry to bother you, but have you heard anything new from Jarmo?”

Malin took a deep breath. Jarmo Dorak was a big mystery. Jarmo Dorak did some researches on a mysterious artifact called “wind harp”. Near the wind harp the Cube of Knowledge had to be found. At least that’s what some old legends said. But Jarme seemed to have found something. He took a few weeks off and went on the search.

The problem: That was nearly three years ago. Nobody has heard anything from him since then.

“No, I’m sorry”, said Lundberg. “I know you wish that he was here now to see this, but I can’t tell you anything new. But don’t lose hope!”

“I’m not losing hope”, Marzena replied. “But you’re right, I only wish that he could see this.”

“Okay, and maybe someday he will”, Malin said with a smile. “After his return. Let’s go in and start all this, shall we?”


The both didn’t know that Jarmo could see it… after he discovered the Temple of the Wind Harp he found the Cube of Knowledge. And it brought him into the stream… the stream of knowledge… although he had no feeling of time passing… he could see and feel a lot…

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Knowledge is a river… the stream is flowing…
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